Building a World: Selethor, the Impenetrable Nation

It’s time for more talk about Seliit! Today, I’d like to highlight another nation in the setting: Selethor, the halfling homeland. As with orcs, I knew I wanted to do something a bit different with halflings when I set out to make Seliit. They’re traditionally seen as a friendly, perhaps even somewhat goofy people; it’sContinue reading “Building a World: Selethor, the Impenetrable Nation”

Building A World: Arkicite

When I started working on the setting I’ve been slowly building, Seliit, I had just rediscovered a great love of mine: Final Fantasy. I’d dearly loved the franchise as a kid, but I’d dropped off after Final Fantasy X and hadn’t played in a long time. Last year, though, I got back into the seriesContinue reading “Building A World: Arkicite”

Building A World: The People of Seliit

I tend to shy away from pre-made settings. There are tons of great worlds out there–I love Eberron and Athas, Faerun and Greyhawk are classics, and there are so many more–but I just prefer building my own stuff. It allows me to have a bit more creative control over the game and prevents me fromContinue reading “Building A World: The People of Seliit”