Mobile Suit Gundam, Episode 2 – Destroy Gundam

It’s Monday, which means it’s time for another review and recap of an episode of Mobile Suit Gundam! This week, we’re jumping into episode 2, “Destroy Gundam,” which opens up with the continued siege of Side 7 by Char’s Musai battleship. Once again, the show let’s you know it’s not going to pull punches –Continue reading “Mobile Suit Gundam, Episode 2 – Destroy Gundam”

Mobile Suit Gundam, Episode 1 – Gundam Rising

We see the Earth, adrift in space. The sun peeks over the horizon, outlining the planet in a corona of light. The image begins to flash as music starts to play. As the word ‘Gundam’ rises into view, we hear, “Moegare! Moegare! Moegare, Gundamu!” Thus begins the first episode of Mobile Suit Gundam, one ofContinue reading “Mobile Suit Gundam, Episode 1 – Gundam Rising”