PlayStation 5: My Most Anticipated Titles

After last week’s big announcement stream, the gaming world is abuzz with news about the PlayStation 5. Naturally, I felt the need to get in on the action! I’m not going to spend time talking about the hardware itself; to be honest, I’ve never had the head for details about, you know… processors and stuff.Continue reading “PlayStation 5: My Most Anticipated Titles”

What Kind of Monster Are You?!: Aarakocra

Alright, full disclosure: today’s post was supposed to be about the new player options presented in The Explorer’s Guide to WIldemount. Unfortunately, I didn’t get as much time to look over the Wildemount book as I’d have liked, so I wasn’t able to get that post written just yet. I’ll certainly be discussing that bookContinue reading “What Kind of Monster Are You?!: Aarakocra”

D&D: Starting A Campaign

One of my favorite pastimes is playing Dungeons & Dragons with my friends. I’ve been playing tabletop role-playing games for about a decade at this point; I started with 4th Edition D&D before moving on to Pathfinder and, finally, back to D&D for its 5th Edition. In that time, I’ve almost always played the roleContinue reading “D&D: Starting A Campaign”