The Portable Hole: An Interdimensional Tavern For Your Tabletop

When you play tabletop games for an appreciable length of time, you rack up a lot of dead ends. Whether you’re a player or a Game Master, it’s inevitable: there are games you never finish, plotlines you never develop, characters that you build and never get the chance to use. In my decade of play,Continue reading “The Portable Hole: An Interdimensional Tavern For Your Tabletop”

What Kind of Monster Are You?!: Banshee

Look at that! We’re through the A’s and into the B’s of the Monster Manual. First up in this new segment, we’ve got a real treat–a classic beastie that’s a real scream: the banshee! Banshees fall into my favorite category of monsters: the undead. I’m not sure why, but I’ve always loved using undead monstersContinue reading “What Kind of Monster Are You?!: Banshee”

What Kind of Monster Are You?!: Animated Objects

Crack open that Monster Manual, because it’s time for another deep dive into weird and wonderful world of D&D creatures! Our topic today: animated objects! Alright, so, this is another one of those situations where there are multiple stat blocks for variations on a given monster type. Unlike angels, though, I’m just going to coverContinue reading “What Kind of Monster Are You?!: Animated Objects”

What Kind of Monster Are You?!: Planetar

It’s monster time again! Today I’ll be covering the planetar. This is a sub-type of a larger classification of monsters: angels. I already talked about angels a bit in my last WKoMAY (boy, that’s not a very handy acronym, is it?), so if you are looking for ideas about angels in general, check out thatContinue reading “What Kind of Monster Are You?!: Planetar”

What Kind of Monster Are You?!: Deva

It’s time to talk monsters again! As we continue to work our way through the 5th Edition D&D Monster Manual, we reach our first monster that is part of a larger category–in this case, the category is Angels while the specific monster is the Deva. I debated a bit on how to handle this; shouldContinue reading “What Kind of Monster Are You?!: Deva”

D&D: Building a Sandbox

When I started this blog a few months ago, one of my first posts was about starting a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. That post dealt primarily with narrative-focused campaigns that followed a central story arc, but I said I’d do a follow-up at some point dealing with more open-ended, sandbox-style games. That time has finallyContinue reading “D&D: Building a Sandbox”