Bone-Chilling Monsters for Your Tabletop

It’s been a while since I did an ‘underrated monsters’ post, but the winter weather in my area has me thinking about all kinds of weird mythological beasties that roam the tundra. Today, I thought it would be fun to spotlight some creatures that will make your players’ blood run cold–literally! Ijiraq The ijiraq isContinue reading “Bone-Chilling Monsters for Your Tabletop”

5 Ways to Add Crabs to Your Tabletop Game

Look, we’ve all been there: you’re planning a session of D&D and you just can’t figure out a way to get a crab involved. Frustrating, right? You’ve got puzzles, you’ve got combat, you’ve got roleplay opportunities galore… but no crabs. Well, fear not! I’m here to help, with five suggestions for easy ways to addContinue reading “5 Ways to Add Crabs to Your Tabletop Game”

Dungeons & Dragons & Dating: How to Tell if He’s A Warlock

We’ve all been there: you’re hanging out at the tavern after a quest when a mysterious stranger catches your eye. He’s sitting alone at a table in the corner. He’s dressed in black, he’s got piercing eyes, and he’s pale and gaunt… but in a sexy way. You meander over, buy him a drink, andContinue reading “Dungeons & Dragons & Dating: How to Tell if He’s A Warlock”

What Kind of Monster Are You?!: Ankheg

This edition of WKoMAY is going to be a tough one for me. See, I really, really don’t like bugs, and today we’re dealing with a great big one: the ankheg, a monstrous, burrowing, acid-spitting insect large enough to snarf down a cow. In fact, cows (and sheep and other pasture-dwelling animals) make perfect preyContinue reading “What Kind of Monster Are You?!: Ankheg”

What Kind of Monster Are You?!: Animated Objects

Crack open that Monster Manual, because it’s time for another deep dive into weird and wonderful world of D&D creatures! Our topic today: animated objects! Alright, so, this is another one of those situations where there are multiple stat blocks for variations on a given monster type. Unlike angels, though, I’m just going to coverContinue reading “What Kind of Monster Are You?!: Animated Objects”

What Kind of Monster Are You?!: Planetar

It’s monster time again! Today I’ll be covering the planetar. This is a sub-type of a larger classification of monsters: angels. I already talked about angels a bit in my last WKoMAY (boy, that’s not a very handy acronym, is it?), so if you are looking for ideas about angels in general, check out thatContinue reading “What Kind of Monster Are You?!: Planetar”

D&D: Building a Sandbox

When I started this blog a few months ago, one of my first posts was about starting a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. That post dealt primarily with narrative-focused campaigns that followed a central story arc, but I said I’d do a follow-up at some point dealing with more open-ended, sandbox-style games. That time has finallyContinue reading “D&D: Building a Sandbox”

What Kind of Monster Are You?!: Aboleths

It’s been a bit since I wrote about tabletop gaming, so I thought now would be a good time to return to the Monster Manual to discuss a personal favorite monster of mine: the aquatic, psionic aboleth! I’ve got a weakness for aberrations, seeing as they draw heavily from the cosmic horror genre I’m soContinue reading “What Kind of Monster Are You?!: Aboleths”

Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount: Player Options

I had some time the other day to read through Chapter 4 of the exciting new Dungeons & Dragons setting book, Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount. As much as I love new setting info (after all, I am usually DM for my group, so any new DM tools are appreciated), the first thing I gravitate towardContinue reading “Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount: Player Options”

What Kind of Monster Are You?!: Aarakocra

Alright, full disclosure: today’s post was supposed to be about the new player options presented in The Explorer’s Guide to WIldemount. Unfortunately, I didn’t get as much time to look over the Wildemount book as I’d have liked, so I wasn’t able to get that post written just yet. I’ll certainly be discussing that bookContinue reading “What Kind of Monster Are You?!: Aarakocra”