Unmatched: Fast-Paced Tactical Fun

While perusing board games at a local store recently, a box caught my eye. It stuck out to me for two reasons: first, the art on the cover was striking. Second, that art was of characters from one of my favorite shows, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The game in question was called Unmatched. I’d neverContinue reading “Unmatched: Fast-Paced Tactical Fun”

Marvel Champions: A Card Game for Comic Fans

First off – no, this isn’t the Animal Crossing post I alluded to on Wednesday. I know I’m sort of dragging my feet on that one, but there’s been so much stuff for me to work on lately that I haven’t had time to play it as much as I’d like. Plus. every time IContinue reading “Marvel Champions: A Card Game for Comic Fans”