Building a World: Selethor, the Impenetrable Nation

It’s time for more talk about Seliit! Today, I’d like to highlight another nation in the setting: Selethor, the halfling homeland. As with orcs, I knew I wanted to do something a bit different with halflings when I set out to make Seliit. They’re traditionally seen as a friendly, perhaps even somewhat goofy people; it’sContinue reading “Building a World: Selethor, the Impenetrable Nation”

Building A World: The Cattori

Welcome to the latest development diary for my homebrew world, Seliit! This time, I’m going to be talking about another religion in the setting: veneration of the Cattori, the group of gods said to have created the humans, dwarves, and halflings. A lot of the Cattori are actually drawn from my old homebrew world, Kanvarr.Continue reading “Building A World: The Cattori”

Roll With It’s 100-Post Extravaganza

Wow! I can hardly believe it–this is my one-hundredth post on this blog. It’s crazy to think back on all the progress I’ve made since starting this thing; I’ve written a lot about tabletop games, video games, movies, and more. It’s been a… pretty wild year. When I started this blog all those months ago,Continue reading “Roll With It’s 100-Post Extravaganza”

Mobile Suit Gundam, Episode 1 – Gundam Rising

We see the Earth, adrift in space. The sun peeks over the horizon, outlining the planet in a corona of light. The image begins to flash as music starts to play. As the word ‘Gundam’ rises into view, we hear, “Moegare! Moegare! Moegare, Gundamu!” Thus begins the first episode of Mobile Suit Gundam, one ofContinue reading “Mobile Suit Gundam, Episode 1 – Gundam Rising”