Marvel Champions: Black Panther Breakdown

I’m continuing my Marvel Champions streak with another core box character breakdown! Today I’ll be checking out the beloved Black Panther, whose playstyle is an interesting middle ground between Iron Man’s upgrade-centric deck and Captain Marvel’s event-focused one. As a reminder, I’m only talking about the unique fifteen-card character deck in these posts–I’m not goodContinue reading “Marvel Champions: Black Panther Breakdown”

Marvel Champions: Captain Marvel Breakdown

Howdy, folks! I had so much fun writing my Iron Man breakdown that I thought I’d take another look at a Marvel Champions hero. Today, I’ll be checking out Captain Marvel’s deck! Just like last time, I’m only going to focus on the unique cards that make up Captain Marvel’s kit; I’m not a greatContinue reading “Marvel Champions: Captain Marvel Breakdown”

Marvel Champions: Iron Man Breakdown

Thanks in large part to the excellent WandaVision series that’s currently airing on Disney+, I’ve been thinking about Marvel comics a lot over the last week or so. There’s a ton of great Marvel content out there in pretty much every medium–the comics themselves, film and television series, novels, video games, and more. One ofContinue reading “Marvel Champions: Iron Man Breakdown”

Owls: A Refined Mount for Discerning Adventurers

Conventional wisdom would have you believe that when it comes to single-rider transportation, the common horse is an adventurer’s best option. It’s an all-too-common sight: a brave knight on horseback, or a mercenary astride a galloping steed. The fact of the matter is, though, that horses make for subpar mounts by any metric. A farContinue reading “Owls: A Refined Mount for Discerning Adventurers”

Bone-Chilling Monsters for Your Tabletop

It’s been a while since I did an ‘underrated monsters’ post, but the winter weather in my area has me thinking about all kinds of weird mythological beasties that roam the tundra. Today, I thought it would be fun to spotlight some creatures that will make your players’ blood run cold–literally! Ijiraq The ijiraq isContinue reading “Bone-Chilling Monsters for Your Tabletop”

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, Episode 2: Departure

After a long absence, we’re back to Gundam! I’ve missed you, mecha! As you may or may not recall, last episode ended with the Argama blowing a hole in the side of our protagonist’s colony. We open with the Rick Dias team–that’s Quattro, Roberto, and Apolly–assisting with the destruction so that they can get insideContinue reading “Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, Episode 2: Departure”

Happy Birthday, Roll With It!

Folks. Next week, it happens: my site’s annual renewal comes up. Do you know what that means? It means the blog has been active for a year. I’ve been writing on here, consistently, for an entire year! What?! No way! When I started out, I wasn’t sure I could do it. I’ll be honest–there haveContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Roll With It!”

Who Exactly is Zagreus, Anyway?

I continue to be deep, deep in my mythological mood, so today I’m addressing a question that I’ve been wondering about since I first played Hades: who the heck is Zagreus? Fans of the game will recognize Zag as the protagonist–his quest to escape the underworld forms the basis of Hades. I’m pretty up onContinue reading “Who Exactly is Zagreus, Anyway?”

Scylla and Charybdis

Hey, folks! Alright, I know that Monday is usually Mobile Suit Monday, but I wanted to do something different today. I recently finished reading Madeline Miller’s Song of Achilles and, well, it’s put me in a Greek mythology kind of mood. So, today I’m doing Mythology Monday instead! I want to talk today about oneContinue reading “Scylla and Charybdis”