Two Classy Kitties

The other night I had a thought. It’s a thought that I think all pet owners have at one point or another: What D&D class are my cats? If you’ve read this blog for awhile (or follow me on Twitter), you’re probably familiar with my two cats, Marmalade and Bright. If not, here they are:Continue reading “Two Classy Kitties”

Mobile Suit Gundam, Episode 42: Space Fortress: A Baoa Qu

Look at that “Q” up there. I don’t use a capital Q very often. It looks good, doesn’t it? I like it. This episode picks up right where “A Cosmic Glow” ended: with the obliteration of Revil’s fleet and the Zeon flagship Great Degwin by Gihren’s Solar Ray. However, this time we’re treated to anContinue reading “Mobile Suit Gundam, Episode 42: Space Fortress: A Baoa Qu”


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