Mini-Campaign #1: The Price of Immortality

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately when it comes to tabletop games. I started a game in Pathfinder 2E earlier this year, and it should have had all the right elements: playing with my friends, a plot I was excited about, a system that I loved. But somehow, things didn’t click. PartContinue reading “Mini-Campaign #1: The Price of Immortality”

Marvel Champions: Black Widow Breakdown

Look, it’s a new Marvel Champions breakdown! See, I told you I was going to talk about Black Widow this week. She plays a fair bit differently than the other characters available, which is always fun, so let’s dive right in! As a reminder: these posts only look at the character’s unique fifteen-card deck. IContinue reading “Marvel Champions: Black Widow Breakdown”

Resources to Combat Asian Hate

Hey, folks. As I’m sure you’re all aware, there was a terrible crime perpetrated in Georgia yesterday. A white man killed eight people, specifically targeting Asian women. This comes after a year of increased violence against Asian Americans. The people involved in the murderer’s arrest, and those in his community, have excused his actions asContinue reading “Resources to Combat Asian Hate”

Reflecting on The Animus Project

Hey. Did you know that, earlier this year, I began replaying the entire Assassin’s Creed franchise, starting with the very first game? It’s true! I’ve been documenting the process and recapping each game on my Ko-fi page in a blog series I’ve been calling “The Animus Project.” You might be wondering, “Why are you bringingContinue reading “Reflecting on The Animus Project”

Marvel Champions: Thor Breakdown

It’s time for another look at a Marvel Champions hero! Today we’re checking out Thor, god of thunder! Thor was the third hero pack released for the game, and brought in some sweet minion-busting goodness. Let’s take a gander at his deck! Remember, folks, these breakdowns are only looking at the hero’s unique fifteen-card deck.Continue reading “Marvel Champions: Thor Breakdown”

Marvel Champions: Ms. Marvel Breakdown

As promised, today we’re looking at the Ms. Marvel hero pack for Marvel Champions! Ms. Marvel is a fantastic character with an interesting powerset, and her deck here does of good job of representing that. I’ll confess that I was a little surprised she was included in the game’s ‘Avengers’ block–while she has served asContinue reading “Marvel Champions: Ms. Marvel Breakdown”

Marvel Champions: Captain America Breakdown

With the Marvel Champions core set behind us, it’s time to move on to the Hero Packs! The first of these to be released was Captain America, one of the greatest heroes in the entire Marvel universe. Let’s take a peek at his cards, shall we? Again, this post is only going to cover Cap’sContinue reading “Marvel Champions: Captain America Breakdown”

Marvel Champions: Spider-Man Breakdown

Welcome back to another character breakdown for Marvel Champions! Today we’re wrapping up the heroes from the game’s core set by checking out our fifth character, Spider-Man! I’ve got a lot of love for Spidey, so let’s get right to it. Remember, these breakdowns only look at a character’s unique fifteen-card deck, and the focusContinue reading “Marvel Champions: Spider-Man Breakdown”

Marvel Champions: She-Hulk Breakdown

Alright! I’m still a little under the weather, but I’m going to make a run at this post anyway, because I just really enjoy doing these write-ups. Today we continue our exploration of the Marvel Champions core set with our fourth hero, the sensational She-Hulk! I’m a big She-Hulk fan, so I was very excitedContinue reading “Marvel Champions: She-Hulk Breakdown”