Every Fictional Universe Should Have A Giant Robot Tournament

The futuristic society presented in the anime series Mobile Fighter G Gundam is predicated on the idea that every once in a while, every major nation in the world participates in a global tournament. Each participating nation has a giant robot, and the robots fight. The country with the winning robot then gets to decideContinue reading “Every Fictional Universe Should Have A Giant Robot Tournament”

The Edible Bestiary: The Deadliest Sandwich in Silversun

By Genevieve Jethri There’s not a man or woman living who can forget the horrors visited upon the town of Buffet eighteen years ago, when the young chef Garlo “The Rattlesnake” Velderpier grew so desperate to create the perfect dish that he turned to ancient and forbidden culinary magicks. Unlocking the secrets of the cursedContinue reading “The Edible Bestiary: The Deadliest Sandwich in Silversun”

I Should Write About Crabs Again

Hey. Remember when I wrote two articles about crabs in tabletop games? They were pretty good! I mean, you know, in my opinion. There was some solid crab material in there. Like, shell, I guess. That’s some solid crab material. And before that, I was writing Silversun Chronicle pieces. God, those were fun! I lovedContinue reading “I Should Write About Crabs Again”

I Can’t Stop Listening to Cerebro

I love a good podcast. Who doesn’t, right? To my mind, there’s nothing quite as relaxing as popping in some earphones and listening to a great podcast while you take a leisurely stroll. There’s one podcast in particular that I’ve been listening to a lot of lately: Cerebro. I’m a massive fan of the X-Men,Continue reading “I Can’t Stop Listening to Cerebro”

Wingspan: It’s Got the Birds You Crave

Do you like birds? Of course you do! Everyone likes birds! Take a moment to think about your favorite bird before continuing. That was nice, wasn’t it? Excellent choice, by the way–I also love that bird. If you’re as big a bird fan as me and Borat voice my wife, you’re probably looking for moreContinue reading “Wingspan: It’s Got the Birds You Crave”

Marvel Champions: Spider-Woman Breakdown

Let’s wrap up the Rise of Red Skull heroes by taking a gander at everyone’s favorite arachnid-themed super-spy, Spider-Woman! I’m a big fan of Jessica Drew, and she brings some very unique mechanics to the table in Marvel Champions. As a reminder, these breakdowns are mostly about how well the character’s unique cards fit theirContinue reading “Marvel Champions: Spider-Woman Breakdown”

Mass Effect 3’s Miraculous Multiplayer

With Mass Effect Legendary Edition out, I’ve been sinking my teeth back into one of my favorite gaming franchises. It’s a ton of fun to revisit this setting and these characters; I’m grateful that the Legendary Edition has made it so easy to do so. There’s just one thing missing: the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer.Continue reading “Mass Effect 3’s Miraculous Multiplayer”