Old Growth, Part 3

Heya, folks! Let’s check back in with our brave party of Lionel, Grell, and Valeryn, shall we?

When last we left off, the trio had fought there way through a camp infested by mold-monsters and zombies. Unpleasant stuff! As our third session picked up, the group spotted a strange figure staring at them from the trees. Lionel called out to this figure, and it revealed itself to be a nature spirit: a hulking humanoid carved from mahogany wood and covered in moss and vines. This spirit had a massive hammer slung across its back, the head of which was a large chunk of amber.

The spirit (whose name is Tenia, though it didn’t reveal that to the party yet, if I remember correctly) thanked them for fighting against the mold, which it claimed was “not of the wood.” It also revealed that Violetwing was still in the forest, but was infected with mold already; it encouraged the party to look to the fey inhabiting the forest for answers, as they too are not of the wood and may know more about this encroaching corruption.

After a fair bit of tracking, the group managed to find Violetwing in an abandoned hut in the woods. She panicked when she first saw them, but a quick use of Calm Emotions by Valeryn smoothed things over and she explained what had happened: she had awoken one night to the sound of Arzin coughing, and when she exited her tent, she saw the mold spreading across his face and across the camp itself. She fled in a panic, eventually ending up in the cabin they’d found her in. She knows that she’s sick and has used her limited knowledge of herbalism to stave off the mold, but it’s a losing battle.

The cottage she’s in is oddly well-appointed, though it’s dusty with disuse and it lacks a few obvious features like a place to sleep. Upon further investigation, Grell pulls aside a beautifully woven carpet to reveal a large, old bloodstain covering a wide section of the floor.

With no clear answers as to what happened in the cabin and a limited timeframe to find a cure for Violetwing, Valeryn turns to the book she lifted from Cree’s house, which describes a variety of fey–including rituals for summoning them. The simplest seems to summon seems to be a pixie, who will appear if the group makes a feast of acorns, berries, and the like and sets it up on a tree trunk or toadstool (yes, I know, pixies are Small so they’d really need something more substantial, but I like the image of a little tiny fairy more so that’s what I’m going with).

Lionel rolled extremely well to gather food and returned to the cabin swiftly with a bounty of nuts and berries; then, he used his crafting skills to create a beautiful banquet for the gang’s prospective pixie. Some gremlins arrived and began wrecking the feast out of spite, but the party managed to repel them, driving them all to flee except for one unfortunate soul that was utterly obliterated by Grell’s flail. He’d made the mistake of biting Grell’s nose.

“No one touches the nose,” the Champion growled as she reduced the gremlin to a fine red mist.

With that ordeal dealt with, Lionel rebuilt the feast and the group waited for the pixie to appear. Sure enough, after a short time, a beautiful fairy descended from the treetops to greet the players.

“Hi,” she said, idly popping her gum. “Like, my name’s Stecky.”

That’s where we wrapped for session three, but I’m looking forward to see how the group gets along with their new pixie pal–and if Stecky can help them find a cure for Violetwing!

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