Revisiting Marvel’s Avengers

I have been comic book-ing like crazy lately. I’ve been reading every Tim Drake story I can; I bought some DC: Future State trades; I’ve been all about superheroes, basically. So, when a friend of mine wanted to hang out and play some Marvel’s Avengers the other night, I thought it sounded like a good time.

I haven’t really kept up on Marvel’s Avengers. I liked it when it came out–it has a solid campaign, the heroes feel different, and progression is good. But after I finished the main story, I didn’t feel a huge compulsion to return to it in multiplayer. I popped back in when Kate Bishop and Clint Barton came out, but only long enough to try each of them. I didn’t stick with it either time.

I’ve also played occasional rounds with friends, though these have been few and far between. See, there’s been one thing holding me back from really getting into the game again: I didn’t really remember how to play.

Obviously I remembered the basic controls, but I’d lost my rhythm when it came to dodging, parrying, and executing finishers. I didn’t remember the ability loadouts of most of the characters, I wasn’t paying much attention to gear… after all, if I was only playing for a half hour or so every month or two, what was the point of relearning everything?

Then, last night, something just… clicked. I was having a great time again. The game hit me with a one-two punch: first, I got my groove back last night; second, the War For Wakanda expansion came out today, offering a brand-new campaign and a new and exciting character, Black Panther.

I honestly don’t know if updates have made the game more fun or if I’m just rediscovering a love that’s always been there, but holy cow, I’m having such a good time with this game again. I had the day off today and while I’d meant to just try out Black Panther a bit and then do something else, I ended playing all afternoon. I’m switching characters, I’m doing daily and weekly challenges, I’m getting my loot grind on… it’s wild! I haven’t been like this since the game came out.

I know the game underperformed, and it’s not clear if we’ll get more heroes after Black Panther (aside from the promised PlayStation exclusive Spider-Man, which I’m very jealous of, being an Xbox player). I really hope we do, though. While some parts of the game are clunky, it’s still a blast to play, with a solid feel for these characters. Here’s hoping that 2022 has a few surprises in store for Marvel’s Avengers.

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