The Perfect Burrito

I hate to keep doing this, folks, but today is going to be a short one. I promise I’ll get back to regular posts soon! I’ve just been really busy the last couple weeks.

Today, I’m going to talk about something near and dear to my heart: burritos.

Recently, a new burrito place opened up near me. It’s not just any burrito place, though–it’s Pancheros. Pancheros is the king of burrito places, and I’ll tell you why: they have the best tortillas in the business.

Chipotle? Bad. Qdoba? Good, but too much tortilla. Pancheros? Perfect.

A Pancheros tortilla is barely even a tortilla at all. It’s more like a thin membrane of flour that holds together your fillings; it’s like a sausage casing, but for burritos. It’s not there for flavor, it’s there to transport deliciousness.

So, what’s my go-to Pancheros order? How do I craft a perfect burrito? By adhering to this maxim: keep it simple.

First off, you better believe I’m getting rice. The rice here is tippy toppers, so load that bad boy up. When it comes to beans, it’s black beans all the way–a deeper, richer flavor than pinto beans without sacrificing that bean-y texture.

There are three meats to choose from: steak, chicken, and carnitas (there’s also tofusada if you’re vegetarian). Frankly, you can’t go wrong here–pick your preference. Personally, though, I tend towards chicken.

Now, here’s where you can slip up. You might be tempted to go hog wild on some of the other optional add-ons. You might grab guac or salsa or something. But you’d be wrong to do so. Keep. It. Simple.

Get queso. Get sour cream. Get some shredded cheese if you want, it’s not going to make a huge impact either way. Then get out.

That’s it, people. That’s all you need!

You’ve got delicious cheese, you’ve got added creaminess from the sour cream, you have plenty of flavor from the beans, cilantro-lime rice, and meat–you don’t need anything else! The only defensible topping in excess of what I’ve laid out is a hot salsa if you are dead-set on a spicy burrito; it’s not my thing, but I can respect it.

I don’t know how to end this post. Uh… go… go eat burritos!

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