In Which I Am Excited About Pathfinder

I’ve been getting a Pathfinder 2E game together—it’s the first tabletop thing I’ve planned all year. You might recall that a few months ago, I posted several ideas for “mini-campaigns” that I was considering running; well, after a significant amount of procrastination, I’m finally on the verge of starting one of those!

If you’re curious, Old Growth is the particular campaign I’m going with; it places the group in a small forest village and tasks them with investigating odd goings-on, with the primary focus being a strange illness that has begun to affect the so-called ‘Guardian Tree,’ an ancient and enormous tree that stands near the village and is believed to be the home of a powerful nature spirit.

I’m just… really excited to get back to it. I’ve really missed rolling dice, but for the last few months, I’ve had some kind of mental block when it comes to planning anything. I recently managed to break past that, and while I’m still a bit rusty in the DMing department, I have a first session planned and I think stuff will start coming back to me after a session or two.

One of the greatest joys for me whenever a new game starts is seeing what the party ends up looking like. That’s especially true this time for a few reasons: first of all, I’m playing with a different group than usual, and second, we’re playing Pathfinder.

I think I’ve talked at length on here about how much I love Pathfinder 2E, and character creation is a big part of why I think the system is so great. The focus on Feats—while also breaking them down into specific categories so you’re never overwhelmed by them—gives you an incredible degree of control over your character.

Right now, the party is looking to be three players. One is rolling a Ranger, diving into two-weapon fighting and possibly picking up some Snares as well. Ranger is a natural fit for the game, given the setting, and I’m looking forward to seeing this character trapping and slashing foes.

Another player is angling toward either an Investigator or a Witch, though they haven’t settled on one yet (and Oracle isn’t entirely out of the running either, I don’t think). Any of these would be a great pick: an Investigator would help with the mystery aspect of the game, while a Witch or Oracle could bring in a magical element and have ties to the fey or nature spirits of the setting.

I’m not sure what my third player is planning, but I’m sure it will be good!

Anyway, I don’t have a lot more to say tonight. It’s been kind of a difficult week and, well, I’m going to cut myself some slack and keep this post fairly short. I’m sure that next week I’ll have more to say about tabletop stuff, like maybe some thoughts on Lost Omens: The Mwangi Expanse or a peek at some of the things I have planned for Old Growth. Until then, have a good weekend, folks!

One thought on “In Which I Am Excited About Pathfinder

  1. HYPE!!! I’ve settled on Oracle. Probably. But there’s still time to change that. 😛 Looking forward to the first session and FINALLY getting to try PF2E. Making my Kitsune was so engaging. I want to try so many character ideas.

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