I Should Write About Crabs Again

Hey. Remember when I wrote two articles about crabs in tabletop games?

They were pretty good! I mean, you know, in my opinion. There was some solid crab material in there. Like, shell, I guess. That’s some solid crab material.

And before that, I was writing Silversun Chronicle pieces. God, those were fun! I loved writing as Breezee Slugbus, doling out romance advice in Dungeons & Dragons & Dating. I also had a few pretty solid articles about underutilized monsters.

At some point, though, I stopped Getting Weird With It. When did that happen? I left behind all my oddball, goofy shit and started writing more straightforward board game reviews, talking about video games, and so on. I think it probably goes back to my string of Marvel Champions posts; I did a few weeks of nothing but Champions coverage and I’ve never really come back from that to get silly again.

Don’t get me wrong–I like writing about Champions! And I’m not saying I’m not having fun with the blog anymore. I just feel like I’ve kind of lost something somewhere along the way.

Part of it, I think, is that I haven’t played any TTRPGs this year. Tabletop games were a huge part of the inspiration for stuff like Silversun, and without them, that aspect of my humor has sort of floundered. On the other hand, one of the big reasons I haven’t played any is because I haven’t been able to plan anything for a while, so… I guess it’s a chicken and egg thing. Do I have writers’ block because I’m not gaming, or am I not gaming because I have writers’ block?

Either way, what I’m getting at is that I want this blog to get goofy again. I want to talk about crabs and what it’s like to date a bugbear and whether or not the inventor of the owlbear also made an owlcat, which is basically just a cat with a little beak.

Will I stick to that? Who knows. I mean, I made a big post about how I wanted to start homebrewing stuff at the start of the year, and I haven’t done that yet. But I’m going to at least try to brainstorm some fun posts in the near future. Maybe bring Silversun back.

One thing that gives me hope: I’ve started planning–actually, for realsies planning–a new game. It’s the first time I’ve felt up to doing so in about six months, so… that’s a good sign, right?

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