It’s Time to Return to Monster Hunter

I fell off of Monster Hunter: Rise a few weeks ago, through no fault of the game’s–it’s wildly fun, but I was just too busy to devote much time to it. The game just released a major update, though, and the tantalizing new features are drawing me back in.

First and foremost, the update uncaps Hunter Rank. That’s huge; the ability to raise your Hunter Rank beyond the base game’s cap of 7 means there’s a lot more endgame progression available. That’s tougher monsters to hunt and more gear to grind out, and really, isn’t that what we’re all here for?

Second, there’s layered armor now! Layered armor allows you to change your armor’s appearance, allowing you to looks stylish without giving up the armor skills you crave. Huzzah! You’ll need to hit at least Hunter Rank 7 before you can access it, and crafting layered armor requires the use of an Outfit Voucher, so expect a lot of grinding to get exactly the suit you want.

Another nifty feature: Apex Monsters, originally restricted to Rampage mode, can now be hunted individually. Neat! It seems like they don’t have unique armor sets (I, uh, am not high enough rank to try hunting them yet, so I’m going off the internet here), which is a bit of a shame; still, having new, challenging fights is always good!

Speaking of Apex Monsters, we get two new ones (though these are still restricted to the Rampage for the time being): Apex Diablos and Apex Rathalos. Yikes! Diablos is my personal nemesis because of the hard time he gave me in World, so I’m not looking forward to seeing a beefed up version here. With my luck, there’ll be some really cool hammer that you need Apex Diablos parts to craft or something and I’ll have to farm the guy at some point.

Of course, as Mark Zuckerberg said in The Social Network: “Two new Apex Monsters aren’t cool. You know what’s cool? Four new regular monsters.” Yes, there are a host of new beasties to hunt, and that’s always exciting! After all, new monsters means new armor sets and weapons. Joining in this update are Chameleos, Kushala Daora, and Teostra. I’m particularly excited about Chameleos, since he wasn’t in World (Meaning I haven’t fought him) and his invisibility gimmick looks very interesting. The other two being Elder Dragons is also nice.

Ah, but wait, I said four monsters earlier–that only accounts for three.

See, Chameleos, Kushala Daora, and Teostra were the officially announced monsters… but it turns out Capcom snuck in a secret fourth. Friends… the Goose is loose.

That’s right, the dive-bombing bastard Bazelgeuse is back to wreak havoc! I’m genuinely quite fond of the old Bagel Goose; I spent a hefty chunk of my time in World decked out in Goose armor because it looked rad and gave me strong Earplugs. I look forward to wearing him again here.

I’m genuinely ecstatic about the features in this update, especially the new monsters. I’m also looking forward to the promise of another big update next month, adding more monsters and wrapping up the game’s story.

Until then, though, there’s lots of new stuff to tide us over!

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