Farewell, Friday Post

Hey, folks! How are you?

You might have noticed lately that I’ve been experiencing a lot of burnout. I realized recently that the last several weeks have each contained at least one post to the effect of, “I’m too worn out to write today,” or, “I’m taking a day off and it sure is nice; bye!”

I don’t want to keep doing that, because… well, that’s not very interesting! But I do want to address the underlying problem that’s causing it–I’ve been overworking myself.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and I think I’ve found a solution. Starting next week, I’m no longer going to be doing a post on Fridays. Monday and Wednesday posts will continue as normal, but Friday is going to be my new day off.

Thanks for sticking around and reading, and I hope this slight change works out better for everyone! I should be a little more well-rested, which should help me focus on and improve the other two posts each week.

Thanks for understanding!

Oh, and PS: I got my first vaccine shot today! Huzzah!

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