An X-Men Kickstarter? Sign Me Up!

Despite my love of board games, I’ve never paid super close attention to Kickstarter; I know a ton of cool games get funded there, but honestly, I feel like if I actually backed half the stuff I was interested in, I’d go broke within an hour. It’s not a risk I generally let myself take.

That said, a friend brought a Kickstarter project to my attention last week. It’s for a board game called Marvel United: X-Men.

As anyone who has looked at this blog before will know, I’m a huge fan of Marvel comics generally and the X-Men in particular. I also, obviously, love board games. I couldn’t resist checking this out.

Marvel United: X-Men is a cooperative game that puts players in control of their favorite mutants, pitting them against iconic supervillains. It’s actually a sequel of sorts to another Kickstarter from the same company (SpinMaster, partnered with Kickstarter veterans CMON). That game was called simply Marvel United, and it focused on Avengers and other prominent Marvel characters.

This new X-Men version is fully compatible with the original, but it also iterates on the gameplay in interesting ways. For instance, in the original game, you had heroes and villains; this version adds anti-heroes, which can fulfill either role. In other words, characters who have been both good and bad over the years, like Magneto, can either be fought as a villain or played as a hero. There are some other minor changes as well, but nothing that significantly alters how the game works.

I’ve never been attached to a Kickstarter from day one before. It’s kind of an odd experience; from what I understand, CMON will be continuing to announce new Stretch Goals and add-ons for basically the entire length of the campaign (which runs for another two weeks). I’m finding myself frequently checking back to see if there’s a new expansion being announced, or what character the next stretch goal will add.

On one level, it’s a little frustrating. I’m an impatient person, so it’s weird for me to see all of this cool stuff and know that even if I back it (I haven’t pulled the trigger yet, as I’m waiting for word on some important work stuff before I can justify spending the money), I won’t have it for another year. On the other hand, it’s pretty fun! I love checking in to see that something really cool was just added. Even better, I get excited whenever a new Stretch Goal is unlocked and the next one is revealed.

For instance, earlier today it was announced that the next Stretch Goal will add Captain Britain to the game. That put me over the moon! I didn’t even realize how big a Captain Britain fan I was, but when I saw him show up on the page, I was ecstatic!

I also went ahead and bought the original game, just to make sure I actually like it before dropping an absolutely silly amount of money on the new one. Turns out, Marvel United is a bunch of fun, and is only going to get better with more heroes and villains! As an added bonus, this Kickstarter has an optional add-on that includes all the exclusive promo stuff from the previous Kickstarter. That means that I’ll (hopefully) be able to pick up all the cool characters from the last go around!

If you’re at all interested in the X-Men, or in cooperative board/card games in general, you should really check this game out. And if you aren’t totally convinced, I’ll be writing up a review of Marvel United for Wednesday’s blog, so you can check back then for a little more info!

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