The Best Monsters in Monster Hunter World

I’ve been thinking about Monster Hunter a lot lately. Sometimes you’re just in the mood to hunt a monster, you know?

I didn’t get into the franchise until World, but that game totally blew me away. Today, I want to talk a bit about the best monsters in Monster Hunter World and why I like them. (I’m going to stick to the base game, by the way–nothing from Iceborne this time.)

At the bottom of my list is Diablos. Here’s the thing about Diablos: I actually don’t love fighting him. With his ability to burrow and his massive horns, he’s pretty tough and tricky. I’ll be honest–I was stuck on his upgraded version, Black Diablos, for a little while when I first reached that part of the game. But there’s something about Diablos that I find myself gravitating toward.

Maybe it’s the fact that I found him so challenging that, paradoxically, makes me like him. Maybe the joyful memory of finally taking out a Black Diablos after it had ground me into the dust several times made the beast stick out in my head more. Or maybe it’s just the fact that it looks awesome, with its massive horns and club-like tail. Regardless, it definitely earns its spot on this list!

Unlike Diablos, I don’t have any standout memories of fighting Odogaron. I’m sure he probably gave me a rough time the first time I hunted him–he’s fast and mean, for sure. But I tend to play Sword & Shield or Dual Blades, so I’m pretty quick myself. No, it’s not memories of glorious battle that make me fond of Odogaron–the thing just looks awesome.

A scary, spiky, red dog… thing, Odogaron cuts an intimidating figure. His natural habitat in World–a festering, miasma-laden bog of rotting monster carcasses–only adds to his fearsomeness. The best part? Not only does he look cool, his gear does, too!

You sort of have to love Anjanath, right? It’s a bit fire-spitting T. Rex. What’s not to like? Anjanath stands out to me not just because of its design, but because of its placement in the game. It’s possible to come across one very early on, and if you’re lacking decent gear or unfamiliar with the controls, it will punish you.

I can fondly recall a hunt with my friends where we learned that lesson. We were all pretty new to the game still, and we were doing one of the easier hunts; I want to say Pukei-Pukei or Tobi-Kadachi. We stumbled across an Anjanath in the woods and, foolishly, decided to try to take it on.

There were no survivors. However, our crushing defeat just made it all the more satisfying when we returned a few hunts later and slew the beast for the first time. That experience–being demolished by this thing, grinding out new gear, learning the system, and coming back to achieve victory–is what secured Monster Hunter World‘s place as one of my favorite co-op games.

My sweet boney boy, Radobaan! I don’t know why, but I absolutely love this guy. He’s just a big sticky mess, covered in ooze that causes the bones of other monsters to adhere to him. It’s a weird monster design that should be macabre but is actually kind of fun!

There are two aspects of Radobaan fights that I really enjoy. First of all, he rolls up into a ball and charges you like Sonic the Hedgehog, and that’s just silly. Second, and more importantly, there’s just something about fighting this guy with a hammer that feels right. I don’t know if it’s because it feels good to bash the bones off of him or if it’s because his environment is full of slopes you can slide down (which allows you to trigger that cool hammer spin-jump move), but either way–I love hammering this monster. Honorable mention goes to his explosive cousin, Uragaan; both are great, but the goth sensibilities of Radobaan put it ahead in my book.

This wasn’t even a contest. I’ve loved Dodogama since the moment I set eyes on him. He’s a big lizard, which is already a plus in my book; add to that the he’s adorably chubby and, well, I’m helpless before him. He’s also got a weird, cute underbite and a beautiful blue color palette, so design-wise, he’s firing on all cylinders!

While he captured my heart at a glance, he’s my favorite for more than just aesthetic reasons. I also love fighting him. He has exactly one trick in combat: he spits fireballs. Not, like, big ones. Just little fireballs. He’s extremely easy to beat, is what I’m getting at, which is hilarious when you consider that he’s found in Elder’s Recess, the final area of the game. How did he get there? No clue. But I love the idea that this goofy little dude considers himself on par with the game’s final boss.

So, how about you? What is your favorite Monster Hunter monster (and why is it Dodogama)?

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