On Launching ‘Beautiful Robot Odyssey’

I finally did it! I got my new podcast off the ground!

I’ve wanted to do a podcast since… well, basically forever. In fact, I actually have done a few podcasts in the past. Years ago, my friend Sunny and I did a Power Rangers review podcast for a few months; at the same time, I had a comic book-focused show that I did with my wife. There were a couple other podcasts I toyed around with at the time, too, but nothing lasted. However, I loved the medium and have been looking for ways to get back to it.

A few years after those shows, I was working at a library and I pitched an idea to my Director: what if we did a library podcast? We could release two episodes a month: one about library services, the other about books in our collection. She loved the idea, and for quite a while, we did exactly that. We even ended up starting a ‘digital book club’ where we would choose a book, read it, and spend an episode talking about it. It was a blast. Unfortunately, when that Director left the library, the podcast ended.

It was around that time that I started thinking about what would eventually become Beautiful Robot Odyssey. I wanted to do a show about science fiction. I wanted to talk to my friends about Gundam and Star Wars and all kinds of other stuff. I’ve long had a love of sci-fi and sci-fantasy, from the franchises mentioned above to Mass Effect and Shadowrun and others. I mean, you’ve got weird aliens, massive robots, fascinating questions about artificial intelligence, the limitless possibilities of transhumanism–what’s not to love?

But Beautiful Robot Odyssey remained a dream for a long time. I wasn’t sure how to execute on it. I didn’t want to record alone–the fun of podcasting, to me, was getting to have a conversation and see how it unfolds. So, should I get a co-host? But who? None of my friends were very interested in doing so. Should I make it an interview show with rotating guests? Maybe… but I’m a fairly anxious person, and the thought of asking strangers to record an episode with me felt daunting. Who would even want to? And how would I find them? I didn’t use social media much at the time.

Then, earlier this year, I started this blog. I got on Twitter to promote it and ended up falling into the lovely tabletop RPG community there. And that’s how I got the opportunity to do what I’d been craving for so long: record a podcast. Specifically, The Experience Quest (at the time called Critical Catastrophe) had me on as a guest. It was a ton of fun (for real, this is an amazing show! Go to Twitter right now, look up @CritCatastrophe, listen to every episode, and reach out to be a guest. You won’t regret it!) and it went so well I got to come back for a second episode! That experience reinvigorated my interest in starting a show of my own.

That’s what drove me to actually get Beautiful Robot Odyssey going. I had so much fun recording with Sarah, chatting about games and telling goofy D&D stories, that I knew I couldn’t just give up on starting my own show (so, if you like Beautiful Robot Odyssey, you’ve really got her to thank). I’d had the name kicking around in my head for a long time, so I reached out to Jennifer Brown (@ogjennyb) and had a logo made, and I rounded up a few friends to record with.

It’s been a really special experience. Episode Two, focusing on the game The Outer Worlds, released this week, and its just the beginning! I’ve got a lot of great topics lined up with some very cool people. I can’t wait for you to hear them.

If you missed out on the first episode, allow me to give you a quick rundown of what, exactly, the show is. Beautiful Robot Odyssey is a celebration of science fiction and science fantasy media. Each episode, I’ll have a guest on, and we’ll discuss one piece of sci-fi media of that guest’s choice. It could be a book, a game, a movie–anything! In fact, since I love the Twitter TTRPG community so much, one particular area I want to focus on is sci-fi tabletop games. There are a lot of very talented people putting out high-quality actual play streams and podcasts using sci-fi systems like Starfinder, or even sci-fantasy settings like Eberron in D&D. I’d love to talk to some of these folks about their campaigns, the systems they use, and their inspiration!

I really hope you’ll give the show a listen, and hey–if you want to talk to me about some cool sci-fi, reach out! Hit me up on Twitter @RollWithItBlog or shoot me an email through this site’s contact form! I’d love to have a chat!

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, yes: I did name it Beautiful Robot Odyssey just so that the initials would be BRO. I thought it would be funny.

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