Roll With It’s 100-Post Extravaganza

Wow! I can hardly believe it–this is my one-hundredth post on this blog. It’s crazy to think back on all the progress I’ve made since starting this thing; I’ve written a lot about tabletop games, video games, movies, and more.

It’s been a… pretty wild year. When I started this blog all those months ago, the pandemic was just starting; I certainly didn’t realize we’d still be dealing with it all the way at the end of October. This blog has been something of a life-raft for me throughout this tough time. It’s given me something to focus on and channel energy into.

It also got me onto Twitter, where I’ve met an incredible, supportive community of amazing creators. I am constantly floored by the awesome stuff I see people making in the TTRPG community: podcasts, modules, homebrew classes and monsters, maps–there’s so much fantastic content! I’ve even made some friends along the way!

I’ve had a blast writing about Gundam every Monday, but my favorite part of this blog so far has been my recent obsession with The Silversun Chronicle, a fantasy newspaper that popped into my head one night and hasn’t left since. I adore writing articles like Dungeons & Dragons & Dating or The Edible Bestiary, and I hope you folks enjoy reading them.

So, now that I’ve hit my first big milestone of one hundred posts, what’s next for Roll With It? Well, I’ve got a few announcements that I’m pretty excited about.

First off, I’m starting a ko-fi page for this blog at I started this site to brush up on my writing and editing skills and, ultimately, to start earning money for doing the things I love. It’s time to finally make a run at that. If you like what I do here and want to support me, this is a great way of doing so! Of course, spreading the word about the blog and sharing it with friends is helpful, too. And don’t forget, I’m also available for freelance writing and proofing services!

Secondly, I’ve decided to start a podcast! I’ve always loved podcasting–I’ve actually hosted a few different ones over the years, though none of them are still around–and my guest appearances on the (amazing) Critical Catastrophe Podcast (check it out!) inspired me to get a show of my own going. I’m still in the planning stages, but I’ve already got a few guests lined up. The show, which I’m calling Beautiful Robot Odyssey, will focus on celebrating science fiction media of all kinds, with a particular eye toward robotics, mecha, artificial intelligence, and transhumanism. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, stay tuned! I should have more information soon.

I’m very happy to show off BRO’s title art, featuring Ody the robot. This handsome fella was designed by the wonderful Jennifer Brown (that’s @ogjennyb on Twitter)!

If you’ve been reading along since the early days, thanks for sticking around. If you’re a more recent reader, welcome! There’s a lot more content on the way. I’m just getting started!

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