Mobile Suit Gundam, Episode 33: Farewell in Side Six

This episode kicks off by catching us up with our old pal Dozle Zabi, Char’s former commander. He’s been stationed at a major Zeon military installation called Solomon–a station that used to be part of the Side 1 colony. Apparently, he’s not too happy that Char is working for Kycilia now; he’s angling to take out the White Base himself just to prove that Char couldn’t do it, but with Zeon’s military spread thin, he doesn’t have the forces to spare.

After that brief Zabi interlude, we cut to our heroes. Sayla and Amuro are out on patrol, and Sayla is questioning the younger pilot about his relationship with Fraw Bow–hang on, is Sayla a shipper? I wouldn’t have guessed! At any rate, the conversation is cut short when the pair stumble across a strange Zeon mobile armor, the Braw-Bro:

Braw-Bro… Fraw Bow… Someone at Sunrise was having trouble coming up with names, eh?

The fight doesn’t last long, in part because the Braw-Bro was already malfunctioning before the G-Armor arrived. Amuro deploys in the Gundam and drives it off quickly, but not before noticing that the mobile armor seems to be firing from impossible angles. I had honestly completely forgotten about this, and seeing it again is a little surreal; this is the start of an important thread in the Universal Century’s mobile suit development, and it’s crazy that it begins with this goofy mobile armor. But I’m getting ahead of myself! Right now, White Base doesn’t know anything except that the Braw-Bro’s shots don’t seem to originate from the armor itself, so we’ll leave it there for the time being. We’ll revisit the topic later, when the Zeong Mobile suit shows up.

After Amuro drives off the strange enemy machine, he and Sayla return to the White Base, which safely reaches the neutral zone of Side 6. A Side 6 representative comes aboard to explain the colony’s rules relating to neutrality and guess who it is? Go on, guess! Who could possibly be literally the first person we meet in Side 6?

Did you guess ‘Mirai’s estranged fiancé?’ Congratulations, you got it! You don’t win anything because of course that’s the answer. Meet Cameron Bloom, everybody:


Cameron is overjoyed to see Mirai again, and she actually seems happy to reconnect with Cameron, too. However, she’s not exactly keen to rekindle their relationship. First of all, let’s not forget that this was an arranged marriage. Second, Cameron is… not the best at selling himself. He explains to her that he hired lots of people to look for her while he was fleeing to Side 6.

“Did you look for me yourself?” She asks.

“No, I was busy. But I spent lots of money on it!” He replies. Not a great answer, bud!

It’s about this time that Sleggar shows up and decks Cameron for harassing Mirai (but not before removing the guy’s glasses, because Sleggar is a gentleman). To Cameron’s credit, he actually takes it in stride and admits that yeah, he probably should have left Mirai alone when she asked instead of carrying on about their marriage.

With that drama done for the moment, let’s check in on our friends from Zeon. Char has met up with a Zeon bigwig named Conscon, who appears to hold a rather low opinion of the Red Comet due to his shifting allegiances from Dozle to Kycilia. We also learn that Conscon has sent a team of Doms to observe Side 6, waiting for White Base to leave the neutral zone again.

Speaking of Side 6, it seems like a nice place! They won’t repair the White Base (as that could be construed as aiding the Earth Federation and therefore taking sides), but everyone at least gets a chance to go explore the city and relax while they’re docked. While out on the town, Amuro catches a glimpse of a familiar face: his father, Tem Ray. You remember Tem, right? Abusive, neglectful? Purple hair? For some reason Amuro is actually excited to see his old man and chases him down… despite his father getting on a bus at one point. Yeah, Amuro manages to successfully keep pace with a bus as it drives his dad to the next stop.

Once Amuro finally catches up, his dad seems… weirdly calm about running into his kid in a random colony. The guy is living in a junkyard now; according to him, it’s a great way to gather parts for his mobile suit development. In fact, he claims to have built a phenomenal new upgrade for the Gundam! He gives it to Amuro, who quickly deduces that it’s… an outdated pile of garbage.

Yeah, so, remember the last time we saw Tem? He was getting sucked out of Side 7 into space? Turns out that, while he managed to survive, he went oxygen-deprived for too long and now has brain damage. Oof, that’s… that’s dark.

Amuro returns to the White Base to discover that a guy named Bergamino has offered to let the ship move to his floating dock just outside Side 6. This way, they can get repairs without violating the colony’s neutrality. Nice! Unfortunately, Conscon’s Doms see the White Base depart and Zeon sets up an ambush. Not so nice!

No less than a dozen Doms and three ships descend on White Base as it heads out of Side 6 space. The floating dock sustains heavy damage and the Federation ship is forced back; not before deploying the Gundam, G-Fighter, G-Bull, and Guncannon, though!

Like last episode, this fight mostly exists to show that Amuro has become an unstoppable killing machine. Of the twelve Doms that attack, Amuro wipes out nine by himself. In under three minutes, too! It’s almost like he can tell what the enemy is going to do before they do it, and reacts accordingly…

And what’s this weird flash that keeps happening on his face? Seems important, maybe.

Conscon is suitably horrified and retreats, ending the battle for the time being.

Back on Side 6, Cameron assures the crew that he can use his connections to prevent White Base from getting in trouble (they technically fired on the Zeons while still in neutral territory). He also asks Mirai to leave White Base behind and come live with him on Side 6, but she doesn’t seem interested. In fact, she tells him that White Base is important to her; if he wants her to sacrifice that for him, she asks, what would he be willing to give up for her?

He basically responds with, “You wouldn’t have asked me that kind of thing before the war.” Again, not the right answer, pal! Mirai leaves in tears, and that’s how we close out the episode.

I hope you like this soap opera drama. because next episode it’s getting ratcheted up to eleven with the introduction of a key character who will have a massive impact on the Universal Century going forward: Lalah Sune!

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