Dungeons & Dragons & Dating: 5 Top Spots to Start Your Romantic Adventure

First dates are tough. Everyone knows that. What do you wear? What do you talk about? Most importantly, where do you go? It’s got to be somewhere engaging and fun, of course, but it also needs to provide the opportunity for you and your new partner to get to know each other.

Well, fret no more! After undertaking years of research and careful consideration (which is my way of saying ‘a whole lot of first dates, good and bad’), I’ve assembled a list of five sure-fire first date spots in and around Silversun. No matter what kind of person (or entity) you’re romancing, there’s guaranteed to be at least one place on this list they’ll find appealing.

Andar’s Nexus of Treats
Does your sweetie have a sweet tooth? Then there’s no better first date spot than Andar’s Nexus of Treats! This charming shop might not seem like much on the outside, but once you step through the door you’re transported to a demiplane of deliciousness. Andar whips up plenty of clever confections themselves (my personal favorite? Beholder cake pops–each eyestalk is topped with a different bit of candy!) but that’s only part of the Nexus’s appeal. As skilled a mage as they are a cook, Andar is able to magically transport treats from all over the world into their store! You’re guaranteed to spend a long time perusing the near-limitless selection of cakes, cookies, and candies, giving you the perfect opportunity to chat up your companion as you pick your pastries. Just keep in mind, if they end up buying something that heavily features butterscotch, that’s a major red flag!

The Gallabari Archive
Some folks would rather feed their mind than their stomach (personally, I like to stuff both to the gills). If that’s the case, head downtown to the world-renowned Gallabari Archive! One of the largest magical libraries open to the public, the Archive is a lot more than a simple museum of mystical oddities. There are guided tours, reenactments of famous wizard duels–and, of course, a huge selection of fascinating books! One of the things that makes this choice so evergreen is that the Archive is constantly expanding (and not just in terms of the collection, either–the building itself seems to be growing, and no mages can figure out how to stop it). Even if you or your date have been there before, there’s guaranteed to be a dozen new sights to take in!

The Outskirts of the Faeriewood
It’s often nice to get a break from city life. It’s important to remember that a lot of folks only come to town as part of a life-changing quest; that doesn’t mean they love the urban lifestyle! If you’ve opted to ask out a ranger or hunter, you might impress them by taking them out of town for a bit, letting them relax in a more natural habitat. The Faeriewood is hands-down the most breathtaking bit of nature in the Silversun area; the trees sprout beautiful, multicolored leaves and there is always a song on the wind. For extra points, go when a full moon is near–at dusk, a shimmering, purple lake appears (note: do not enter or drink from the lake; skipping stone is permissible, but they may be skipped back at you with surprising force). Just remember not to wander too far in, as the ever-shifting nature of the wood means you may not make it back out… and no one wants to be stuck on a first date forever!

Bar Barian
We’ve talked about some of the more unique places you could go, but lets get back to basics. The classic first date is a simple dinner for two, and that’s a mainstay for a reason. If this is the approach you end up taking, Bar Barian is the obvious choice of eatery. One of the classiest restaurants in Silversun, Bar Barian has it all: soft, romantic lighting; discreet yet attentive wait staff; live music; and of course, an incredible menu. Everything from delicate elven salads to massive, deep-fried bulette haunches is available, each crafted by master chefs who have been honing their skills for years (centuries, in some cases). And, for the next month, if you tell them Breezee sent you, you’ll get 10% off the cost of your meal!

The Tomb of Kal’tharro
There are those among us for whom a well-polished set of plate mail constitutes ‘business attire.’ Should you be entering a relationship with such a person, you might want a first date that packs a bit more punch than the options I’ve laid out so far. No worries! I’ve got you covered. A few miles to the east of town, you’ll find the Tomb of Kal’tharro, one-time scion of a dark god. Kal’tharro’s angry spirit is sealed within, but it’s always working to get out, necessitating a steady stream of adventurers to head in and knock the wraith down a few pegs. There’s lots to love about this crypt: skeletons, traps, and a spectral force of pure evil. What better way to check out your new partner’s skills and see how you work as a unit? You know what they say: if you can’t slay together, don’t stay together.

Hopefully, something on this list has sparked your interest. So, what are you waiting for? One of these places could be the site of your last first date–so get out there!

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