Mobile Suit Gundam, Episode 28: Across the Atlantic Ocean

It’s Gundam time!

The episode kicks off with–you guessed it–a mid-air docking sequence! It might as well be part of the theme song at this point. Of course, these days it’s the Gundam docking in the G-Fighter, not the Core Fighter docking in the Gundam.

It just occurred to me the Gundam in G-Armor mode is like a mechanical turducken. It’s a plane in a robot in a… bigger plane, I guess? The G-Armor is a bit difficult to describe.

Anyway, Sayla and Amuro have shaved their docking time down to fifteen seconds (proving Bright correct–Amuro really can make the machine do the impossible).

But Amuro and Sayla aren’t the focal point of this episode; Kai is. The girl he met last episode, Miharu, has succeeded in infiltrating the White Base. Her orders are to retrieve information from the Captain’s quarters to send back to Zeon, so she sneaks into Bright’s room. Unfortunately for her, Kai stops by looking for Bright and catches her. She awkwardly tries to pretend that she stowed away on the ship because she’s fallen madly in love with Kai, but he already figured her out last episode–he says to drop the act because he knows she’s a spy.

However, since he also knows she’s only spying to feed her young siblings, he decides to cover for her and takes her back to his room. Amuro sees her heading in, but Kai pretends that she’s his girlfriend and says he’ll drop her off when they reach the Federation base in South America.

Meanwhile, we find out how the Mad Angler plans to retrieve whatever info Miharu picked up: a couple of soldiers in a stolen fishing union plane get clearance to land on White Base, pretending to be a civilian craft that was damaged by a passing Zeon ship. Though the two men are confined to a single room while their vessel is repaired, they’re able to receive transmissions from Miharu and learn that the White Base is headed to South America (though they don’t learn exactly where).

Kai figures out that the fishing plane guys were spies, but too late–they’ve already taken off by the time he puts two and two together. He radios Bright to shoot them down, but he since he can’t offer any proof without exposing Miharu, Bright doesn’t take his accusation seriously and the Zeons escape.

Once they get back to the Mad Angler, the soldiers divulge their intel to Char, who reveals that the unit is headed to the African front. Boone, the captain of the Mad Angler, requests permission to deploy in the experimental new mobile armor called the Grabro–he wants revenge on White Base for the death of his pilots over the last few episodes, and with the sub heading to a different theater of war than the White Base, this looks to be his last chance. Char agrees to Boone’s proposal; the Grabro deploys along with two Z’Goks.

It doesn’t take long for the enemies to descend upon the White Base. Amuro and Sayla head out in the Gundam and G-Fighter; interestingly, they have a discussion on the best way to deploy–it seems Bright is leaving the details of mobile suit deployment up to Amuro. This makes sense, as the kid has shown a knack for it over the course of the series.

Unfortunately, the Federation ship is taking heavy fire from the underwater mobile suits. The Gundam, G-Fighter, and one Core Fighter (piloted by Hayato, who does nothing of import throughout the rest of the episode) manage to deploy, but the launch catapult is damaged before Kai gets a chance to head out. As a result, he is ordered to deploy in the Gunperry instead, as that ship apparently has anti-submarine missiles. You know, that seems like the kind of thing they should have launched earlier, actually…

Miharu insists on accompanying Kai in the Gunperry. This is mostly because she saw Katz, Letz, and Kikka on board the White Base and realizes that it was pretty crummy of her to endanger them by selling information to Zeon.

While all this is going on, the Gundam is fighting the Grabro–a giant, underwater mobile armor… crab… thing:

I know it doesn’t really look like a crab, but it’s got those claws and… I don’t know, man. It’s a weird robot.

The problem is, the Gundam is not really cut out for underwater combat. Amuro gets grabbed more or less immediately, and his beam rifle is only functioning at half strength beneath the waves.

The Gunperry sets out to destroy the remaining Z’Gok (I honestly don’t remember who took out the first one. The Gundam, probably?), but it takes a bit of damage. As a result, the missile controls cease functioning. Kai reveals that there’s a manual release lever on the missiles themselves, which are on the exterior of the Gunperry; Miharu heads out to launch one immediately. She successfully lines up her shot, fires the missile, and wipes out the Z’Gok… but the air pressure from the missile’s launch knocks her off the Gunperry. She falls to her death in the ocean below.

Her sacrifice saves the day, though: Boone is distracted by the Z’Gok’s destruction, giving Amuro an opening to stab his beam saber into the Grabro’s cockpit. The mobile armor is defeated.

It’s not until the Gunperry lands back on the White Base that Kai realizes what happened; we end on another dour note as a distraught Kai sobs uncontrollably, mourning the death of a girl he barely knew.

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