Mobile Suit Gundam, Episode 27: A Spy on Board

This week’s episode begins with a long-overdue explanation of how, exactly, the G-Fighter works. Man, and after I spent all that time working it out last week! I got it pretty much right, it turns out, but there’s one aspect I missed: apparently, if the back half of the G-Fighter combines with a Core Fighter, it forms a configuration known as the G-Sky. Neat!

At any rate, after this little bit of exposition (framed as Amuro giving a presentation to Revil and the White Base crew), we get to the real thrust of the episode: Kai has decided that he doesn’t want to stay on the ship. He packs up and starts to head out.

Amuro and Bright see him leaving and, surprisingly, they just… let him go. Amuro tries to talk him into staying, but Bright doesn’t even go that far. I suppose it’s nice that Bright isn’t forcing Kai to stay, but also… didn’t General Revil say the other week that anyone leaving White Base would face a year in prison? And Bright is cool with just… ignoring that? That strikes me as a bit odd, considering that he’s the most military-oriented person on board. On the one hand, Bright seems to think that Kai is a coward and that White Base might be better off without him; on the other hand, shouldn’t that same disdain make him more inclined to report Kai’s desertion?

At any rate, Kai exits White Base after sharing what is actually a pretty nice moment with Amuro–the latter gives the former his toolbox as a parting gift, telling Kai he should sell it since he’ll need cash. It’s sweet that despite their differences, the two pilots actually do respect and even sort of like each other.

Kai quickly bumps into the Zeon spy from last episode, who introduces herself as Miharu this time around. Miharu offers to take Kai in for a few days while he figures out what to do post-White Base… but it’s obviously a setup to get dirt on the Federation from him.

The weird thing? He actually seems to figure out that she’s a spy pretty much right away. The weirder thing? He tells her info about the White Base anyway. The leaked info swiftly reaches Char, who orders an assault on the Federation ship… but that’s not all. As a backup, he sends orders to have Miharu infiltrate the White Base during the fight. She meets with her handler, who passes her a Federation uniform and a handsome sum of money for the task. It turns out she’s only spying to earn money to care for her two young siblings. Geez, this show sure likes to present us with precocious war orphans, huh?

Meanwhile, the Mad Angler has launched two mobile suits: a Gogg and a new model, the Z’Gok.

Hm. I like it, but does it come in red?

Amuro launches in the Gundam and Sayla in the G-Fighter; the two move to take out the Gogg and a few Zeon submarines offshore. While they’re busy with that, the Z’Gok closes in on White Base, but never fear! Hayato’s here in the Guncannon to valiantly defend–

Oh, right. It’s Hayato. He almost immediately gets dominated by the enemy suit.

Luckily for White Base’s worst pilot, Kai has been watching this combat play out from a hill overlooking the Federation base. He tries to tell himself he’s not military anymore, that this doesn’t concern him, but it’s clear that he’s worried about his former comrades. After a brief montage of the good times he had on White Base (well, actually, the montage is mostly scenes of various crew members slapping him), he decides he can’t just abandon the ship; he rushes down to help and ends up piloting the Guntank.

He arrives just in time to save Hayato’s bacon, but is quickly outmatched by the more maneuverable Z’Gok. Kai is then saved himself by the timely arrival of Amuro, back from his Gogg-killing excursion.

What follows is probably the worst fight in the series to date. I’m guessing the budget ran out or something, because large chunks of this Gundam vs. Z’Gok fight feature absolutely no backgrounds, and a lot of it is shown in still shots, not fluid animation. Eventually, Kai lands a shot on the baddie with the Guntank, which gives Amuro the opening he needs to execute a beam saber coup de grace.

While everyone was fighting, however, Miharu succeeded in infiltrating White Base. Char receives word that his spy is in position, but at the cost of two mobile suits. In a darkly humorous moment, Char shrugs and says, “Yeah, that sounds about right.” This dude is long past the point of caring about his subordinates dying, apparently.

That’s where we leave things this week, but tune in next Monday as the White Base travels across the Atlantic!

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